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Theatre Review

A one (hundred pound lighter) woman show
written & performed by Mary Dimino
directed by Christine Renee Miller
lighting design by Kia Rogers
Player’s Theater, 2016
twitter: @MaryDimino

A powerful comedic force, Mary Dimino takes her audience on an intimate, funny and equally poignant journey through her life as an overweight adolescent. 

Scared Skinny is a show filled with hilarious moments of truth, heartbreak, and laughter along with tender teary moments, too. 
Mary emerges victor over her battles against the devastating loneliness that obesity can create in one’s life. Through it all, Dimino ingeniously pulls us through her roller coaster journey, and along the way provides the audience with uproarious laughter, deep insights, and dozens of applause breaks.

A candid, autobiographical story, Dimino’s one woman show gives the viewer first hand insight into those 'other' things that obesity can deprive a person from fully experiencing in life, things that are rarely revealed, but often known only by the person living it. Dimino speaks her truth with honesty and courage about these topics like I have never seen before.

It is not a show designed to manipulate human emotion, but rather one that places the observer front and center, in Mary's shoes. And because of Mary Dimino’s powerful writing and adept acting skills, you cannot help but feel like it is your very foundation that is being shaken awake.

With striking humor, Mary manages to make the audience feel her painful reality and in doing so, remarkably infuses realism with comedy. Amazingly, you laugh until you cry, and then you laugh again, feeling every nuance of the string of characters Dimino so effortlessly portrays and meticulously brings to life. Her characters have great depth to them, and are people who played important roles in shaping her life (for better or worse), starting with her overbearing grandmother, her worrisome mother, her colorful friends and a host of loser boyfriends, who have never got to experience the fullness of the beautiful Mary hidden under the guise of obesity, waiting to be discovered.

Scared Skinny is a powerful, moving and intensely funny production, from beginning to end. Mary's ingenuity, positive energy and her ability to lock the audience's attention from the moment she steps foot on the stage, is what makes this show so unique and such an incredible success in this reviewer’s eyes. 

Do yourself a favor and experience Mary Dimino while you can still get a ticket.

Reviewed for New York Pod Cafe
by Carmen Amoros Goldberg
Downloadable PDF Below